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Preliminary Agreement

In the preliminary agreement the parties undertake to enter into another contract in the future. Preliminary contract may precede the conclusion of various agreements the most often used to arrange the sale of real estate.

Typically a preliminary contract is concluded when the parties need a longer time period to be bound by the final, […]

Competition Law in Bulgaria

Bulgarian Competition Law is designed to protect and foster competition and free enterprise in economic activity. Over the years the law was repeatedly changed by the legislature to meet the requirements of economic life.

Bulgarian Competition law provides protection against agreements, decisions and concerted practices, abuse of monopolistic and dominant and all other acts and […]

Issuance of Bulgarian ID for foreigners

Bulgarian ID card (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The purpose of this post is to examine conditions and procedures for issuance of Bulgarian identity documents for foreign nationals and stateless persons from the Ministry of Interior, and the prerequisites for the replacement of these documents. Regulation is contained in several Bulgarian laws namely:

Bulgarian ID act.


Forcing Social Networks To Broadly Monitor Illegal File-Sharing

National courts cannot force social networks to monitor for copyright infringement by users because it would not strike a “fair balance” between the rights of rights holders and the rights of those platforms and its users, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) has ruled.

The ECJ assessed EU laws on copyright and the enforcement of […]

Interest rates of banks in Bulgaria

The three measures of Djankov will make a bank’s interests clearer not lower.

Linking interest rates only with SOFIBOR and YURIBOR will do interest more transparent, but is unlikely to reduce them.

The idea was launched yesterday by Deputy Prime Minister Simeon Djankov and provoked numerous comments financiers and experts.

Deputy Governor of BNB Rumen […]

Civil Cases Jurisdiction – Bulgaria

Bulgarian civil litigation generally passes in three instances – Court of First Instance, the Appellate Court and Court of Cassation.

The regional court is a competent jurisdiction in all civil cases except those within the jurisdiction of the district court as a first instance.

Let’s see now for which cases is ? competent jurisdiction district […]

Construction in Agricultural Land

The issuance of a building permit is a type of administrative procedure, whose outcome is necessary implementation of complex factual staff – actions of administrative bodies, the applicant and other persons and entities. It aims to enable the entity to implement construction in land falling within the agricultural area to be consistent with the purpose […]

Bulgarian Bank Licensing

Obtaining a banking license is regulated by the Bulgarian legislation in several laws:

* Banking Act

* Bulgarian National Bank Act

* Regulation on licenses and permits issued by the Bulgarian National Bank

Bank as an entity characterized by the range of activities that can perform so-called absolute or bank transactions (public attraction of deposits […]

European Payment Order by 1896/2006 EU

Council Regulation 1896/2006 of 12 December 2006 establishing a European order for payment allows creditors to get your uncontested civil and commercial claims under a single procedure, acting on the basis of standard forms.

Shall apply in all Member States of the European Union except Denmark.

The procedure does not require attendance in court. Plaintiff […]