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Issuance of Bulgarian ID for foreigners

Bulgarian ID card

Bulgarian ID card (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The purpose of this post is to examine conditions and procedures for issuance of Bulgarian identity documents for foreign nationals and stateless persons from the Ministry of Interior, and the prerequisites for the replacement of these documents. Regulation is contained in several Bulgarian laws namely:

Bulgarian ID act.

Rules for issuance of Bulgarian ID documents act.

Tariff of fees.

Foreigners who are granted Bulgarian identity documents as laid down in this proceeding are:

– foreigners residing in Bulgaria for a period exceeding 3 months

– stateless persons

Ministry of the Interior issued the following documents for foreigners:

– ID card to continuous residing foreigner in Bulgaria – issued to foreigners admitted to reside within one year

– ID card to permanent resident foreigners in Bulgaria

– certificate for traveling abroad of a stateless person

– temporary ID card – foreigners whose national documents were seized in the cases provided by law

ID Card of a foreigner continuous residing in Bulgaria is valid for 1 year. The validity of the card permanent resident foreigner also depends on the validity of national passport, which he is entered in Bulgaria. Bulgarian identity document is issued to any alien who has been authorized stay beyond three months, which is over 14 years. Identity documents for travel abroad shall be issued to persons under 14 years of age.

Bulgarian identity documents to foreigners are issued and replaced upon submission of application form. Application forms can be found by the regional offices of the Ministry of Interior for a fee – 1 BGN=0,50 Euro.

There are other documents required  for submission with application form.

For  issuance card of long-term residing and permanent resident foreigner in the Republic of Bulgaria collected state fee is 10 BGN ~ 5 euro

For a certificate for traveling abroad to a stateless person and the provisional certificate for leaving the Republic of Bulgaria  collected state fee is 30 BGN ~ 15 euro

For issuing a temporary card for foreign nationals  collected fee is 10 lev ~ 5 euro

There are no fees for foreigners who are exempt on the basis of reciprocity and international agreements to which Bulgaria is a party.

Exempt from payment of fees are and foreigners who can not present their old Bulgarian identity document because it is forcibly taken away, damaged or destroyed beyond the holder’s reasons, such as natural disasters, accidents, accidents, robbery and rendering emergency medical care, those reasons shall be established by documents issued by competent authorities.

The issue of identity documents for minors and under partial guardianship are to be made in person, and for minors and placed prodigals – through their legal representatives.

In application, the applicant shall personally signed in the presence of an official.

In cases where a person may not appear in person to sign the application, it shall make his signature at a notary in advance and in person on the face of the application. Then the application is filed by a person authorized by the applicant.

Once the official accepts regular application filed in the registry and it completed and delivered to the applicant accordingly adopted application receipt.

Application data is checked in the the information databases associated with Bulgarian identity documents in accordance identity documents are issued within 30 days of receipt of the application are received by the applicant.

Issued identity document shall be received personally by the applicant after completing the appropriate section for receiving the application and return to the previous identification of this kind, if he was issued one.

Bulgarian identity document of a foreigner shall be valid in the Republic of Bulgaria together with his national travel document.

Nobody has the right to give and accept a pledge, use and dispose Bulgarian identity document of another person.


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