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Declaration Of Corporate Tax in Bulgaria

With corporate profits tax in Bulgaria are levied on corporate entities in the exercise of their business. The tax base for determining the corporate profit tax is the tax that is determined by Bulgarian CIT Act as a positive financial result.

Corporate tax is declared by filing an annual tax statement by taxpayers or their […]

Ownership Refusal in Bulgaria

The refusal of ownership is an explicit statement of the owner of this right, which he clearly expressed his desire to terminate possession, use and disposition of certain personal property.

The ownership refusal of property is explicit and formal act, dressed in writing with a notarized signature, subject to registration in the Bulgarian Property Registry. […]

Sponsorship Contract

The contract for sponsorship has no explicit rules, but is widespread in practice. The sponsorship contract in general could be defined as a contract under which the sponsored person receives economic aid from the sponsor for the implementation of sports, cultural, scientific or other activity for which undertakes to promote the sponsor by promoting its […]


Depending on the availability or absence of an international element contracts for commercial sale are:

a contract for sale within the trade agreement foreign sales.

International sale is when one of its elements it is connected with the legal order of another state or country. Uniform regulation of international sales is contained in the Vienna […]

Bulgarian Business Start Up Costs

Bulgarian Attorney has the pleasure to offer as an additional service on-line registration of companies in Bulgaria for foreign investors. The package of services includes 100% all legal procedures necessary for the registration of a company in Bulgaria on a very competition start up costs, namely:

* registration of the business in the trade register; […]

Popular Bulgarian Company Formations

Sole Limited Liability Company

It is owned by a natural or a legal person – EOOD, the sole shareholder exercises the powers of the general meeting and the managing director or board of directors is appointed to run the company.

A private limited liability company may be founded by one person, including foreign natural or […]

Immigration, Obtaining a Bulgarian Visa D

Obtaining a Bulgarian Visa D a. Applicant MUST apply at the Bulgarian Consulate in the country of his PERMANENT residency (i.e. in his HOME country).b. The immigration visa D will be issued by the Bulgarian Consulate in the applicant’s home country within a period of 1-3 months after the application is filed.

c. Upon […]

IP & Trademarks in Bulgaria

The trademark as an exclusive right shall be acquired by registration in the Bulgarian Patent Office.

Rights to register belong to the first applicant. Matter regulating trademarks contained in Marks and the geographic names Act. This law provides the conditions and the order for registration of the marks and the geographic names, the rights ensuing […]