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Bulgarian Business Start Up Costs

Bulgarian Attorney has the pleasure to offer as an additional service on-line registration of companies in Bulgaria for foreign investors. The package of services includes 100% all legal procedures necessary for the registration of a company in Bulgaria on a very competition start up costs, namely:

* registration of the business in the trade register;
* tax-statistic registration of the company;
* social insurance registration of the company;
* opening of a bank account on the name of the new company;
* preparation of the company’s seal;
* we are using our own money for the company’s capital;
* unlimited nominal company’s office for free – the office of our legal department will be used as official business address of the new company;

Start up costs for the registration of a business is 430 euro in total, including all state fees and lawyer’s remunerations.

No hidden fees. No annual payments.

N.B.! The registration of the company will be made through internet so your personal presence in Bulgaria will not be necessary.

Bulgarian Taxation Rates:

Profit Tax FLAT 10%

Dividend Tax within the EU 0%

VAT within the EU 0%

Personal Income Tax FLAT 10%

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