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Registering Limited Liability Company in Bulgaria

We are receiving a huge volume of inquiries on how the process for registration of Limited Liability Company in Bulgaria  LLC/Ltd/GmbH goes. Most commonly you are asking about the following:

1. How the process usually goes?

2. How long the incorporation will take?

3. Is it required client’s personal presence?

4. Is it possible to be completed online?

5. What kind of documents are required?

6. Is it possible to open business and or personal bank account including with online banking and prepaid cards associated?

That is why we are writing this post in order to provide you with more information in advance.

The Bulgarian legislation allows several business formations. The matter is under regulation of Bulgarian Commercial Act regarding incorporation, corporate transaction, liability, mergers and acquisitions, bankruptcy etc. Unregulated matter is redirected at general Bulgarian civil legislation.

You can read more about available forms of commercial activities in Bulgaria in this post.

Register company in Bulgaria

Registry Agency

Bulgarian (LLC/Ltd/GmbH) can be formed by one or more shareholders (natural persons or entity), local persons or foreigners.
The minimum foundation capital is 2 euro.

Shareholders’ liability is limited to the amount of subscribed foundation capital.
At least one director is required by law. The director could any person – local or foreigner.

What we will require from you?

1. A copy of national ID documents of all shareholders (if more than one). If a company should be a shareholder – Certificate of Good Standing stating the legal presence and representation issued by Chamber of commerce or other appropriate authority.
2. Scope of business activity
3. Three variants of desired name

All other documents are drafted by us such as – Articles of Association, Management Agreement, needed Declarations and so on.

We will prepare as well POA (Power of attorney) in which you authorize us to complete the process of registration of your Bulgarian ( LLC / Ltd / GmbH ) Limited Liability Company.

We will prepare and send you the necessary papers to sign. Some of them must be signed in front public notary with an Apostille or in any Bulgarian diplomatic mission aboard.

Normally this takes us 3 to 5 working days for drafting.

When we received already signed by you papers we will submit the company to the Commercial Register. A week later your new Bulgarian LLC / Ltd/ GmbH will be ready and we will provide you with a Certificate of Good Standing.

We are opening business and or personal bank accounts including with online banking and prepaid card associated with just one day after you provide us with POA.

Business bank account normally can be opened after formation of your brand new company in Bulgaria.

For all the steps mentioned above your personal presence in Bulgaria is not required.

For sure and in any way will be better to contact us and discuss the most appropriate formation for your plans. Every business is unique and require unique solutions and special attention.

Here you will find information about the current fees for incorporation  of  LLC / Ltd / GmbH.

For all other questions please do never hesitate to reach us.

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