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European Small Claims Procedure

Council Regulation 861/2007 of 11 July 2007 establishing a European procedure for small claims interest seeks to improve and simplify procedures in civil and commercial matters where the value of the claim does not exceed 2,000 euros.

The Regulation applies between all Member States of the European Union except Denmark.

Procedure for small claims interest act on standard forms. It is written, unless the court deems necessary hearing.

The Regulation determines the time limit for the parties and the court to expedite the resolution of the dispute.

In Bulgaria District courts have jurisdiction to give judgment in the European procedure for small claims and interests under the rules of the local jurisdiction as defined in Code of Civil Procedure.

District court decisions may be appealed to district court. The complaint filed by the court which issued the decision within two weeks of service of his country. (Articles 258 and 259 CCP).

On further appeal before the Supreme Court subject to appellate decisions, c which the court ruled on the substantive or procedural issue that is:

1. determined, contrary to the practice of the Supreme Court;

2. addressed controversial by the courts;

3. important for the correct application of law and the development of law.

Not subject to cassation appeal judgments with actionable interest to 1000 lev (511,29 €) further appeal shall be filed through the court which issued the appeal decision within one month after service of the country. (Articles 280 and 283 of CCP).

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