Do I need a company to buy a property in Bulgaria?

We are receiving a lots of request daily and many of them are namely – “Do I need to form a company to buy a private house with land?”

This force me to give you a short description about the topic.

And so in the nearest past foreigners needed to establish Bulgarian company in order to buy a house with land. Where this rule was stated?

By signing the Treaty of Accession to the European Union in 2007 was established 5-year memorandum under which foreigners could not acquire land.

As of January 2012 this should be possible for EU member states, since the 5 years term moratorium expires. This is valid except for agricultural land and forests where the moratorium applies for 2 more years.

Is there are still some restrictions or any foreigners can buy a land freely?

No, there are still some restrictions to buy a land without to form a company:

1. Be a EU citizen

2. The property is not agricultural land or forest.

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